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      About Us

      Exquisite chandeliers and hanging lights designed to inspire, impress, and set the mood.


      When it comes to home décor and interior design, a space is simply not complete without the right lighting to set the atmosphere.  From modern, futuristic designs that emphasize sharp lines and bold lighting patterns that captivate an audience, to elegant chandeliers that cause brilliant prisms to delicately dance across the room, My Lighting Home offers spectacular lighting options to complete any room and enhance any mood.  Lighting can add mystique, intrigue, warmth, comfort, or elegance to any space, and at My Lighting Home, we are committed to helping you find the perfect chandelier, hanging light, or other stunning centerpiece for your home or office.

      My Lighting Home offers a wide array of stunning, unique, and luxurious chandeliers and lighting fixtures designed to accentuate and enhance any space in your home, office, or retail space.  Proudly founded and headquartered in Canada but also serving and delivering to clients within the United States, My Lighting Home carries a wide variety of modern lights, delicate crystal lights, artistic pendant lights, and of course, our spectacular chandeliers.  Offering breathtaking hanging lights and magnificent chandeliers for every space, mood, or occasion, My Lighting Home delivers expert advice and superb customer service, while maintaining modest pricing and unparalleled quality. 

      Our Story


      As a pair of young professionals entering the interior design and architectural field respectively, we had both spent time exploring the possibility of lighting from our unique occupational point of view.  The architect was drawn to the specific placement of lighting and how lighting fixtures and chandeliers placed strategically throughout the space could provide a different balance to the room and completely transform the layout of the house.  The interior designer, meanwhile, was exploring the possibility that each shape, material, or composition of the chandelier or hanging lights would make on the overarching design of the room. 

      As our careers progressed, we kept coming back to our favorite part of our work:  The lighting.

      And so, My Lighting Home was born.

      We wanted to combine our passion for exquisite design with our fascination with intricate architectural design.  We chose to meld our two very specific personal professional lenses to create a comprehensive, design-focused, quality driven lighting company that offered beautiful chandeliers, hanging lights, and various light fixtures for discerning individuals looking for something unique to complete their space.  Through our years of architectural and lighting design expertise, you can rest assured that the team at My Lighting Home will help you find the perfect lighting option to accentuate your home and bring your personal lighting vision to life.